Sector focus: Agri Biotech

At Norwich Research Park the knowledge of plants and microbes is used to address global societal challenges, such as food production, climate change and improving human and animal health. Multidisciplinary research on the Park which directly impacts crop resilience, helps to combat disease and increases yield - benefiting both agriculture and the environment.

  • Crop yield

    Genomic analysis, bioinformatics, mathematical modelling and imaging techniques have advanced the understanding of how genes influence crop yield. This multidisciplinary approach results in enhanced crop performance and increased yields in global crops such as wheat and oilseed rape.

  • Precision agriculture

    Digital analysis, advanced imaging and the manipulation of big data is enabling researchers to evaluate crop performance in the field. Collaborative work between scientists, technology developers, breeders and farmers is accelerating the realisation of commercial benefits from this emerging technology.

  • Crop resilience

    The pressure from pests, pathogens, poor nutrition and adverse environmental conditions can substantially reduce crop yields. Advances in our understanding of the genetic basis for resilience in wheat and brassicas is supporting breeders to develop improved varieties that will increase the sustainability of agricultural production.

  • Crop quality

    New insights into plant genetics and metabolism, combined with nutritional and clinical studies, are guiding the identification and characterisation of health-giving plant natural products and complex carbohydrates. This work is generating opportunities to increase the quality and value of both specialty and commodity crops.


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