Park Directory

Industrial Biotechnology Alliance
Industrial Biotechnology Alliance (IBA) aims to address the major societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century
Inspiralis supplies high-quality products and services to both the pharmaceutical industry and academia
John Innes Centre
The John Innes Centre (JIC) is an independent, international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology
John Innes Enterprises
Contract research, consultancy and research services from the John Innes Centre
Leaf Expression Systems
Leaf Expression Systems use a novel efficient, safe and simple system – Hypertrans® – to quickly produce proteins in plants such as vaccines, antibodies or enzymes.
New Anglia LEP
Working with businesses and local authority partners to help grow jobs and drive innovation in Norfolk and Suffolk
Norfolk Plant Sciences
Commercialising research into plants with increased levels of health-giving compounds such as antioxidants
Novagraaf is an international intellectual property consultancy
Persephone Bio
Biotechnology company manufacturing bioactive ingredients for cosmetic industry
Plant Bioscience Limited
PBL develops innovative technologies from public and private sources worldwide - turning ideas into patented, scientifically validated and licensable technologies
Quadram Institute
The Quadram Institute (QI) works collaboratively to translate its science to benefit patients, consumers and society, and is keen to work with partners that share its goals of improving human health and wellbeing throughout life
A consulting bioinformatics company specialising in DNA sequence analysis, comparative genomics and transcriptomics analysis