Norwich Research Park 'Engaging Images' Competition Winners Announced

6 September 2019

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Winning Images

Norwich Research Park has unveiled the winners of its 'Engaging Images' photography competition. The competition was organised to promote the diversity of images that have been captured by the various institutions and businesses located at the Park. Entrants had to reflect the research work being undertaken at Norwich Research Park into the global challenges of healthy ageing, food and energy security, sustainability and environmental change.

The competition was organised by Dr Jenni Rant and Samantha Stebbings from Park Partner the John Innes Centre alongside Alexia Mlynarska, Associate Director Communications & PR for Norwich Research Park. Jenni said, “We have been trying to build a library of images on the Park and thought that a good way to encourage more people to contribute was to run a competition. We were delighted with the number of entries we received. Judging was very difficult, and the panel ended up choosing 11 rather than the intended 10 winners! Much of the research into food and health done here on the Park generates stunning imagery that often remains in the lab. But we think these images are so engaging that they need to be shared with the public as they are great for generating interest in science.

“Our aim is to build a library of images that will be available to schools, universities and businesses to use for free, as long as they credit the image creator and institute at Norwich Research Park. This will help promote the work done on the Park to a wider audience.”

The idea for an image library came from Jenni’s work with schoolchildren for a charity called Science, Art and Writing (SAW), based at the John Innes Centre. The images are used to inspire schoolchildren to explore the underlying science by doing experiments, writing poems and creating works of art for sharing. A selection of outputs has been published in three books.

The winning images for the Engaging Images competition were selected by a judging panel of four: Dr Nick Goodwin, Chief Operating Officer, Anglia Innovation Partnership, Sophie Stanhope, Content editor, Archant, Jo Clitheroe, Bignold School and Chris Hann, local artist.

Dr Nick Goodwin said: “Images often create a personal connection because of the intriguing and amazing stories hidden behind the image. Other images simply stun you and transport you to another part of our world that you would never normally encounter. And, some images act as a record of the impact individuals have on others. Our final selection presents just some of the amazing work by scientists and clinicians from across the Park and shows how their work really does changes lives.”

Sophie Stanhope said: “Engaging Images is certainly the right name for this competition. Not only are the entries visually impressive, they also take on a whole new level of meaning when you read the stories behind them. From abstract and other-worldly looking bacteria and mycoprotein, to the problems facing cereal farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and the life-saving robotics transforming cancer patients’ lives right here in Norfolk, the pictures highlight how the world-leading research taking place at Norwich Research Park is changing lives across the globe.”

Jo Clitheroe said:As the Science Lead at Bignold Primary School, and Co-ordinator of Norfolk Central Ogden Trust, I am always trying to find ways of engaging children in science. These photographs showcase the fascinating and remarkable pioneering research happening at the Park that will inspire the next generation of scientists.”

Chris Hann said: “We attempted to select images that would question the audience and show the importance of science education and the cross-pollination of ideas internationally.”

Winning Images (from left to right - image top of page)

  • Robotic Assisted Surgery with Mr Muhammad Rafiq - Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital HHUH NHS FT
  • AfriPlantSci19, DNA Extraction from Local Kenyan Plant Tissue - Danny Ward, John Innes Centre
  • An Uncertain Future - Matt Heaton, John Innes Centre
  • Awesome Actinomycetes - Siobhán Dorai-Raj and David Widdick (Sample cultivation) Andrew Davies (Photography), John Innes Centre
  • Leafhopper Nymph - Adi Kliot (sample preparation) and Eva Wegel (imaging), John Innes Centre
  • A Cosy Lawn - Juan Pablo Gomez-Escribano, John Innes Centre
  • Delayed Fluorescence in Arabidopsis - Hannah Rees, Earlham Institue
  • Wheat Infected with the Blast Fungus in Meherpur, Bangladesh - Nick Talbot, The Sainsbury Laboratory
  • Digesting Mycoprotein - Raffaele Colosimo, Quadram Institute Bioscience
  • Sky at Night - Thomas C McLean, University of East Anglia
  • Pioneering Diagnostic Device - NNUH NHS FT

For details on each image click here.

The 11 winners will have their images professionally printed and displayed at an exhibition in the Forum, as part of the Norwich Science Festival in October. You will aslo have the opportunity to 'Meet the Scientists' behind the images on October 22nd.

A second competition, open to the public, will be launched at this exhibition where people will be invited to use the images as inspiration to create their own poem or piece of art. The winners of this competition will be featured in an exhibition at The Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts and The Forum later in the year. 

The Norwich Research Park Image Library is full of amazing images reflecting the research taking place on Norwich Research Park.  Images are freely available for download and re-use with attribution.