What’s buzzing about your bee hotel? The results are in!

17 July 2020

Bees are crucial pollinators, and we need them if we are to maintain a healthy diet. Along with Saviour Bees, our partners Earlham Institute launched a citizen science survey to understand how Brits are using bee hotels, which are one way of boosting the chances for solitary bees by offering a refuge and a place to raise their next generation.

They wanted to understand for the first time how people are using their bee hotels, how effective they are, and if there are any ways in which we can help improve them.

The initial results are in, and they've already got a nice picture forming of what’s happening in gardens across the UK.

You can check the Bee Saviour Behaviour website for information on how to build or buy a really robust bee hotel, and you can still take part in their survey. The more responses they get, the better they can understand how they're helping Britain’s pollinators - and it looks like they're already off to a flying start!

To read the original article in full and find out the results of the survey, visit the Earlham Institute Website: