Korutek Engineering

Korutek Engineering can call upon decades of experience working on industrial spiral freezers. Their team have access to senior engineering staff who know how to get the most out of these machines. The engineering team have been involved in the design and construction of many of the Korutek freezers currently being used in the industry today, and will be able to deal with any problems they encounter with speed and efficiency.

Korutek's experience ensures that they have the knowledge required to keep any Korutek spiral system running effectively, and your business operating as it should.

They can help reduce power consumption, repair and maintenance costs and system downtime through advice on the care and maintenance of these systems. Korutek is also able to provide maintenance and spare parts for tunnel and carton freezers, but our main focus is on the low tension Spiral systems. In addition they can provide entire new systems upon request.

Based in Norwich, Korutek is committed to supplying its services to food producers around the world. Contact them today to discuss the details of your operation.

Norwich Research Park

  • Work in a beautiful place

    Norwich Research Park is set in 230 hectares of parkland