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Farrel O’Keeffe

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Breakthrough - Biotech and Innovation Leader

01603 673684


Farrel works for Hethel Innovation. He spends three days a week at Centrum as part of Norwich Research Park’s partnership with Hethel Innovation on 'Breakthrough'.  Farrel works with the Anglia Innovation Partnership LLP management team to deliver an innovation-led support programme that includes delivery of training workshops and seminars aimed at businesses, researchers and students. Breakthrough is funded by the ERDF and this means that Farrel can provide bespoke business support to businesses on the Park and across East Anglia for free.

Before he started working for Hethel Innovation in February 2019, Farrel worked in a small precision engineering business operating saws, lathes, mills, presses and other industrial machines to assist in the production of unique metal prototypes. At the University of York, Farrel studied Biotechnology and Microbiology and has a particular interest in topics like biofuels, bioremediation and synthetic biology.

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