Clinical Trials Unit Moves into Quadram Institute

2 October 2018

The clinical research facility (CRF) opened its doors to its first set of research volunteers at the end of September after moving into the Quadram Institute earlier in the month. This signals the first stage of a phased-move in process into the multi-million-pound building.

The facility, run by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, will bring together researchers and scientists from the hospital, UEA and the Quadram Institute as well as others from across the park. The CRF is stated to be the ‘perfect place for doing research into food and nutrition’ The results of the trials will go towards finding new strategies and treatments for improving health and disease in this area.

The facility itself will include a mixture of outpatient space, lab space and a food preparation area for dietary studies. It also boasts a dual-energy X-ray facility that can provide measurements for body composition such as fat-free mass and bone mineral density; as well as an ultracold - 80-degree freezer for immediate, on-site storage of samples collected.

Doctor Melanie Pascal, CRF Manager said: ‘The CRF is an integral part of the collaboration between researchers and scientists at the Quadram Institute and we look forward to working with the team at QIB, UEA and other partners over the coming months as the number of studies at the facility increase as the building becomes fully occupied’.


For more information visit the Quadram Institute website