Earlham Institute is Helping Decode Life on Earth

4 December 2018

The Earth BioGenome Project  (EBP)  is a world wide effort to sequence the genomes of all 1.5 million known plant, animal, protozoan and fungal species on Earth. The Earlham Institute is a partner of the UK effort towards this programme, the Darwin Tree of Life Project. Headed up by the Wellcome Sanger Institute, the Tree of Life Project is in charge of sequencing all 600,000 eukaryotic species native to the United Kingdom. Earlham Institute is already putting this information into action as part of international conservation genomics projects aiming to rescue endangered species and boost biodiversity against economic and political backdrops. 

 EI’s Director of Science Prof Federica di Palma said: “Our conservation work with international partners, and more recently our GCRF work in Colombia is demonstrating how equally important biodiversity is to the climate change context in both developing, and developed countries like the UK. As these countries adapt to new policy landscapes and evolving political challenges, there has never been a greater need for academics, NGOs, businesses and decision-makers to join forces to collectively characterise, conserve and manage earth’s species for sustainable economic growth and social well-being. The Global impact BRIDGE Colombia network is a great example of how to facilitate crucial dialogue and collaborative partnerships around these pressing environmental issues.”