John Innes Centre researchers awarded Royal Society University Research Fellowships

23 October 2018

Two John Innes Centre researchers have been awarded prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowships. Dr Laila Moubayidin and Dr Susan Schlimpert can now establish their own independent research groups following the awards which take effect from January 2019.

The University Research Fellowship Scheme aims to provide outstanding early career scientists who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen fields with the opportunity to build an independent research career.

Dr Moubayidin’s research aims to understand how conserved mechanisms regulate symmetry establishment in plant organs.

“When I got the award, I felt like all the hard work I had put in was finally worth it. I felt like I had won the Olympic Games in plant biology,” she said.

“I am grateful to all of those that took part with me in this journey: my mentors and peers who guided me toward achieving this prestigious award,” she added.

Dr Schlimpert’s research aims to improve understanding of the molecular and cellular processes that control cell division and cellular differentiation in multicellular bacteria, such as the antibiotic producers Streptomyces.

“I am delighted to have received this fellowship. This funding will provide me with the freedom to develop my research and to establish my own independent research group at the John Innes Centre,” she said.

“I am very grateful that the Royal Society is supporting the investigation of basic research in Streptomyces and the opportunity to study how these fascinating bacteria grow and divide, “ she added.

The Royal Society has appointed 42 University Research Fellowships for 2018. In total 24 universities and academic establishments are represented. Thirteen out of the 42 appointments (31%) were made to women.

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