Norwich Research Park Team

The management team at Anglia Innovation Partnership LLP collectively manage the Park on behalf of all its Partners, working together to drive development in order to help achieve the Norwich Research Park vision. David Parfrey is the Executive Chair of Anglia Innovation Partnership LLP Board. 

From the soil to our health; Norwich Research Park’s vision is to change lives and rethink society through pioneering research and innovation, reframing the future of research and delivering regional growth.


Norwich Research Partners LLP has changed its name. The name change has come about as a result of overwhelming feedback from our strategy sessions that there is confusion between the Park (Norwich Research Park) and the Partners and Management Office name (Norwich Research Partners LLP).  It has therefore been agreed that the Partner entity and the Management Office should have the new name of Anglia Innovation Partnership LLP. Anglia Innovation Partnership LLP will continue to bring the new Norwich Research Park vision to life.

Norwich Research Park Partners

Our founding partners include four of the UK’s eight strategic research institutes. Three of them receive strategic funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), which is itself a partner in Norwich Research Park.