Park Directory

British Beet Research Organisation
The British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO) implements and commissions research specifically for the UK sugar beet industry
Cambridge Oncometrix
Cambridge Oncometrix develops a non-invasive prostate liquid biopsy test for men suspected of prostate cancer. The test is based on proprietary biomarkers and will identify men who will benefit from prostate biopsy and those who can safely forgo it.
Iceni Diagnostics
Iceni Diagnostics is developing carbohydrate-based diagnostics and therapeutics, and provides collaborative and contract R&D solutions
Ikarovec Limited
Ikarovec is an advanced medicine research and development organisation with a focus on treatments for common eye diseases using gene therapy technologies.
Inspiralis supplies high-quality products and services to both the pharmaceutical industry and academia
Tropic Biosciences
Develop high-performing commercial varieties of tropical crops which promote grower wellbeing, consumer health, and improved sustainable environmental practices, using cutting edge non-GMO gene editing techniques.