Park Directory

Persephone Bio
Biotechnology company manufacturing bioactive ingredients for cosmetic industry
Plant Bioscience Limited
PBL develops innovative technologies from public and private sources worldwide - turning ideas into patented, scientifically validated and licensable technologies
QIB Extra Ltd
Commercial subsidiary of the Quadram Institute undertaking short-term and applied research projects, troubleshooting, specialist analysis, and consultancy work.
Quadram Institute
The Quadram Institute (QI) works collaboratively to translate its science to benefit patients, consumers and society, and is keen to work with partners that share its goals of improving human health and wellbeing throughout life
Quick Fill
Quick Fill produce long-life, pasteurised, sandwich fillings in a purpose built factory based in Worstead, Norfolk.
A consulting bioinformatics company specialising in DNA sequence analysis, comparative genomics and transcriptomics analysis
SoCode Recruitment
SoCode provides Permanent and Contract Recruitment Solutions and RPO/MSP Services to clients in the East of England.
Solynta is a breeding and biotechnology company, the company develops and applies new breeding technologies to convert potatoes into a hybrid crop.
Spectral Edge
Spectral Edge has developed an information-preserving method for visualising hyper- and multi-spectral images in colour
SYS Consulting Ltd
SYS Consulting Ltd offers a range of expertise in the areas of research in which the School of Computing Sciences at the University of East Anglia has a strong reputation
The Sainsbury Laboratory
A world-class centre for investigating plant diseases where scientists are working to deliver solutions to globally important diseases of crops
Tropic Biosciences
Develop high-performing commercial varieties of tropical crops which promote grower wellbeing, consumer health, and improved sustainable environmental practices, using cutting edge non-GMO gene editing techniques.