Sector focus: Med biotech

At Norwich Research Park clinical researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of med biotech work collaboratively to drive innovation and deliver new products in to the market place.

  • Gastroentrology

    Gastroenterology research focuses on intestinal inflammation and the interaction of the gut microbiome. Specific areas of research interest range from microbial host interactions in the gut to the use of commensal bacteria as therapeutic agents.

  • Medical microbiology

    Particular areas of interest include gastrointestinal microbiology in relation to food, water and health and the development and evaluation of molecular methods for profiling infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

  • Anti-microbial resistance

    A multi disciplinary approach to antimicrobial research is taken which includes microbiology, diagnostics, synthetic and natural product chemistry, enzymology, and structural biology.

  • Biofilms

    The increased use of prosthetics and implants has resulted in an increase in the pathology caused by biofilms (the adhesion of microorganisms to a surface). The Norwich Biofilms Group work to develop rapid diagnosis and eradication of biofilms.


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