UEA to share life sciences resource as part of Elixir-UK

17 February 2021

UEA is now part of a UK-wide infrastructure of life sciences resources, which will make it easier for scientists to find and share data in the area, exchange expertise and agree on best practices.

ELIXIR-UK is an intergovernmental organisation that manages and uses genomic data, in order to translate it into impactful research, using resources such as databases, software tools, training materials, cloud storage and supercomputers.

ELIXIR-UK currently has 19 member organisations, of which UEA is now one and the Earlham Institute at the Norwich Research Park another. Academics from the Schools of Computing Sciences and Biological Sciences at UEA already have ongoing projects with members of the Earlham Institute and had expressed an interest in being involved in the partnership.

Being a member of ELIXIR-UK also opens up greater opportunities to secure funding into research and the partnership will also benefit UEA researchers developing software tools and databases, with a wider pool of resources to aid their analysis of biological data.

Steven Hayward, Reader in Computational Biology at UEA, led the process in initiating the partnership having been invited to join an Elixir implementation study application.

Steven said: “This project concerns the creation of infrastructure to chart the experimentally sampled conformational diversity of native proteins in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) augmented with results of state-of-the-art computational tools. The invitation to join this project was the result of my work in developing tools and databases for the analysis of protein domain movements.”

For more information on ELIXIR-UK, visit their website.