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Sector focus: Industrial Biotech

At Norwich Research Park we work collaboratively to understand the mechanisms by which plants and microbes produce new materials and molecules with bioactive qualities. We aim to utilise this knowledge to increase yields and create products of commercial and societal interest, such as personal care products, functional foods, new antibiotics and pesticides.

  • Natural products

    Scientists are using genomics to understand biosynthetic pathways in greater detail. This new information is being used to enhance production and access novel bioactive compounds from plants and microbes.

  • Biodesign

    The manipulation of enzymes to produce new and potentially valuable bioproducts for applications in a broad number of sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, speciality and fine chemicals.

  • Bioengineering

    With a focus on improving lives, we use biodesign techniques to develop plant or microbial ‘Super Hosts’ for the production of natural or engineered antibiotics, bioactives and vaccines.

  • Carbohydrates

    Investigation of the use of sugars and carbohydrate-active enzymes for generation of biodegradable materials and bespoke functional foods, and for the generation of novel natural product and drug conjugates with enhanced target specificity.


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Industrial BioTech

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