Activirosomes Limited awarded £0.44M grant from Innovate UK and the Department of Health

7 September 2017

Activirosomes Limited, virtual occupier at Norwich Research Park announced that it has been awarded a £0.44 million grant from Innovate UK and the Department of Health to demonstrate proof of concept of a series of protective vaccines and of the scalability of the Active Virosomes technology platform*.

Activirosomes Limited is a biotechnology company, developing effective, safe and affordable vaccines to treat or prevent serious diseases. The project demonstrates pre-clinical proof of “Active Virosome Vaccines” for prevention of Chikungunya, Zika and Ebola virus infections. It will produce new, inherently safe, low cost and easy to produce vaccine agents for prevention of these infections and so suitable for responding quickly to outbreaks of these and other viral diseases, in locations including the countries where they are endemic.

The project uses the "Active Virosome" technology platform**, which is a simple, safe and efficient biotechnology for producing candidate vaccines, and can be easily modified to produce vaccines for new viral infection outbreaks, simply by slotting in a suitable "cassette" of genetic information.

Active Virosomes have many advantages compared to other vaccines against viral infections, including their safety and low cost of development and manufacture, which makes them particularly suitable for development and use in low and middle-income countries which suffer from viral infections carried by mosquitos.

Amanda McMurray, Director of Activirosomes Limited, said,

We are delighted to receive this SBRI Funding contract from Innovate UK and the Department of Health.

We aim to make safe, effective modern medicine affordable and accessible to people in LMICS and throughout the world. This contract enables us to work with Seagull Biosolutions Pvt Ltd, the inventor of the Active Virosomes technology, to demonstrate that the Active Virosomes platform can achieve that.”

Innovate UK is the UK’S innovation agency seeking to find and drive science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy and to work with companies to de-risk, enable and support innovation. Its funding programme is awarded in a competitive process. Since 2007 Innovate UK has committed over £1.8 billion to innovation, matched by a similar amount in partner and business funding.

*Activirosomes were awarded a contract in the SBRI funding competition: vaccines for global epidemics - preclinical. The results of this competition have been published on the web

** The Active Virosomes technology platform is the proprietary property of Seagull Biosolutions Pvt Ltd, a Pune, India-based biotechnology company and is licensed to Activirosomes for this project.