Germains Seed Technology opens new lab at Norwich Research Park

3 June 2015

Germains Seed Technology is expanding in the region with a new laboratory opening on Norwich Research Park to provide a hub for its global R&D activities.

Over the last 150 years, Germains Seed Technology has become one of the world’s largest independent seed technologies companies. Providing industry-leading innovative seed technology, using the latest biological tools and techniques, Germains provide value added solutions to maximise the natural potential of seeds in the field.

Richard Nicholls, European Commercial Manager at Germains explains:

“Our technology is directed at key areas: improving seed health by providing protection against disease; priming the seed to ensure consistent germination, pelleting to create a uniform shape and size for automated sowing and the application of specialist crop protection materials.

Germains has developed a range of specialist polymers which when applied encapsulate the seed eliminating dust ensuring seed treatments remains on the seed. “If you can provide the seed with the right environment this promotes vigour in the crop and reduces the need for other inputs in the field. Crop protection is applied within pellet in a controlled environment and so is safer to handle for the operator and reduces the need for spraying.

“A particularly interesting development is seed priming, which is a process of regulating the germination by managing the temperature and seed moisture content. This is an area where Germains has taken a leading role.

“Although we have particularly focussed in the past on sugar beet and salad crops, there are applications for seed priming in field crops such as oil seed rape and this is one of the areas that we may be researching in our new laboratory located in the Centrum on Norwich Research Park. “

"There is an important role for advanced seed technologies in building resilience to adverse environments and this will become increasingly important in the future.”

Germains has recently become a member of Agri-Tech East and sees this as an opportunity to gain closer links with agri-food and technology interests in the cluster.

Germains will be showcasing its latest developments within the new Innovation Zone at the Norfolk Show.

The Innovation Zone, in association with Larking Gowen, is a new development by the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association to support the effective transfer of scientific developments from the lab to the field.