Norwich Research Park Researchers in Top 1% of World's Most Highly Cited

23 November 2017

Seven Norwich Research Park researchers have been named as Web of Science Most Highly Cited Researchers in the world. To earn this accolade, a researcher’s output must rank among the top 1% most cited works in their field and during its year of publication. Scientists from The Sainsbury Laboratory and University of East Anglia feature in the list put together by Clarivate Analytics for Web of Science published on the website.

This list is a measure of the exceptional impact that scientists at Norwich Research Park are making globally and places Norwich within the top 10 for cities in the UK for Highly Cited Researchers.

Dr Sally Ann Forsyth, Chief Executive Officer for Norwich Research Park said:

“I am very pleased to see that Norwich Research Park has seven of its scientists in the premier 1% of the world’s most Highly Cited Researchers.  It is a great achievement for Norwich to be in the top 10 of cities in the UK to have received this accolade.  It demonstrates the research strength and outstanding achievements of the Norwich Research Park partner organisations.”

The scientists from The Sainsbury Laboratory are:

Professor Cyril Zipfel, Head of Laboratory, researching plant immunity to disease. 

Professor Sophien Kamoun, studying the biology of filamentous plant pathogens.

Professor Jonathan Jones, working on biotechnological solutions to crop diseases. 

Dr Joe Win, working on potato and tomato blight.

Professor Cyril Zipfel, Head of The Sainsbury Laboratory said:

“The Sainsbury Laboratory is home to some of the world’s most talented scientists, as this list clearly shows. We’re proud that we enable scientists to perform at such a high level, and encourage excellence in everything that we do.”

The scientists from The UEA are:

Phil Jones, Professor of Environmental Sciences at UEA’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), studying global surface temperatures.

Andy Jordan, Professor of Environmental Policy, researching the policy and politics of climate change.

David Livermore, Professor of Medical Microbiology, researching antibiotic resistance and its relationship to antibiotic prescribing.

UEA Vice Chancellor, Professor David Richardson said:

“This great achievement demonstrates UEA’s world-leading research excellence in the fields of both climate science and health. I am delighted that, together with our partners across Norwich Research Park, this leading position for research citations confirms Norwich’s national and global influence.”                                                                                                                        

Another name on this year’s list is Professor Nicholas Talbot, currently based at Exeter University. Professor Talbot will be joining The Sainsbury Laboratory as its new Executive Director in September 2018.

The seven Norwich Research Park scientists are now part of an exclusive group of researchers who earn this distinction and will always retain their Highly Cited Researcher status.

Norwich Research Park is one of Europe’s leading centres for research in Agri Biotech, Industrial Biotech, Genomics, Med Biotech and Food, Health & the Microbiome. The Park is home to 12,000 employees including 3000 researchers/clinicians.  It creates a supportive environment for 80 businesses by providing access to research expertise, scientific facilities and business support.