The Sainsbury Laboratory

The Sainsbury Laboratory is a world-class centre for investigating plant diseases and their scientists are working to deliver solutions to globally important diseases of crops that are responsible for large reductions in yield.

They are engaged in daring, long-term research investigating fundamental processes of plant interactions with pathogens. This includes work on plant innate immunity, plant disease resistance genes, evasion of plant defences by pathogens, and understanding the molecular mechanism of cellular changes during plant-microbe interactions.

In addition to the fundamental research conducted within the Laboratory, the TSL+ programme encompasses projects with a direct applied aspect, in many cases building on discoveries that have arisen from the fundamental work in the lab. The Two Blades Foundation, a US based charitable organisation that supports programmes of research and development on durable disease resistance, has a research group established within TSL which focuses solely on work that falls under the TSL+ programme.

The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) is located on the John Innes Centre (JIC) site on Norwich Research Park.

The Sainsbury Laboratory

The Sainsbury Laboratory
Norwich Research Park

Telephone: +44 (0)1603 450400

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    Norwich Research Park is set in 230 hectares of parkland